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Jackson Wen, age 13, playing Lyphard Melody

Jin-Ju playingTchaikovsky's October

Gloria Heinrichsen, age 5, playingBrahms' Waltz

Lousiana Heinrichsen, age 8, playingSea Winds


To help students becoming dedicated musicians and professional pianists-- my 8 years of musical experience in the world renowned Indiana University Jacobs School of Music will provide a great resource for them. Every student is unique-- teaching is adaptive and interactive, to help students reaching their full potential and fulfilling their goals. Build up good habits of listening and practicing, and let students be their own teachers. Encourage students gaining performance experience to mature their music. Let them create the sound they never imagined before, let them learn the technique they never tried before, let them rediscover themselves as a person they never knew before.

AimsTo help students becoming a professional pianist by:1. 2.3.4.

On Practice1. Technical ElementsAreas: relaxation; awareness; wrist, hand and finger position; partition of hand; finger-tips concentration and control2. Musical ElementsAreas: tone color; musical context or style; musical structure; musical drama and meaning; soul, imagination, passion, knowledge, intelligence; slow practice for detailed listening


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Melissa playingChopin Nocturne in B Major

Beyer's No. 82 in F Major

Students Corner (2016-17)

Recommended Used Piano Dealer Henry Lam, Padua Piano

Recommended Piano CompetitionThe 18th Hong Kong - Asia Piano Open Competition

Monthly Quote (Edited by Mischa Ngan)Sep Learning piano means we are learning to be a sensitive, intelligent, refined and sophisticated human being.

Studio UpdateAug 2017 Our studio now using two grand pianos.Mar 30 2014 A Steinway grand piano becomes Mischa Ngan's studio piano.Mar 15 2014 Top-end professional grade recording equipments have been used in the studio.

Recommended Piano TechnicianLeung Chong Lam

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J. S. BachFiugue in Eb majorHiu-Tung

R. SchumannKinderzenen, op. 15/7Pak-Hin, age 11

60s SwingRichard, age 8

L. v. BeethovenSonata Op. 31/2 Ist movementHiu-Tung, age 13

W. A. MozartSonata in A major, K331Chun-Hei, age 10

C. DebussyDoctor Gradus ad ParnassumJustin, age 11

F. ChopinEtude in C minor, op.10/12Athena

F. ChopinBallade No. 1 in G minor, op. 23A;ex

J. S. BachFiugue in C# majorPui-Lok

A. ScriabinPrelude, Op. 11/11Ching-Yi

J. S. BachLittle Prelude in C minorBoco, age 9

(You may turn-off the background music by the button located in the top-right corner)The idea of this corner is sharing of great music, listening to each other and supporting our studio friends.

W. A. MozartConcerto in C major, K415 I.Chun-Hei. age 10

E. GriegPiano Concerto in A minor, op. 16 I.Hiu-Tung

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Mischa Chun-Wai Ngan