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News & Performances

Aug 01. 2011The Website: Pianist Mischa Chun-Wai Ngan launchedWelcome! Pianist Mischa Chun-Wai Ngan's website is launched on Aug 01, 2011. The website contains information of a renowned solo and chamber pianist - Mischa Chun-Wai Ngan. Get to know him more, buy his music and request a lesson from him!The website will be updated regularly. Please leave Mischa a message on his Guestbook if you like this website!



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Aug 01. 2014 in Taipei Jul 27. 2014 in Hong Kong Duo Recitals by Pei-San Chiu and Mischa Ngan were well-received in Taipei and Hong Kong. Thanks for the great playing by the Taiwanese flutist, Pei-San. Enjoyable performances and recording session.

Jun 01. 2014 Chamber Concert 2014- Duo Recital by Ka-Wai Yu and Mischa Chun-Wai Ngan: Rendezvous with the THREE BsThanks cellist Ka-Wai Yu for playing the beautiful music and Thanks Parsons for their kindness of sponsoring the Fazioli piano. A memorable musical night!

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Nov 23. 2014 @City Hall Recital HallHarpsichord and Piano Master Class: Playing J. S. Bach from Harpsichord to Modern Piano It is a rare opportunity to have a master class in both harpsichord and modern piano at the same time. Thanks Padua Piano Company for their generosity to sponsor this event and make this event possible.

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Feb. 2015 RTHK4 Radio Broadcast MUSIC OF FRIENDSCellist Andy Yu and Pianist Mischa Ngan recorded Brahms' music for RTHK4. The recording will be broadcasted:Feb 22 (Sunday)8pmRTHK4 FM97.6-98.9You may also listen to the program archive at:


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Jun. 14. 2015 Ensemble FinesseA Musical Re-unionReunion after nearly 10 years. They perform pieces by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin.

Brahms Trio, Op. 114 I. Allegro II. Adagio

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Mischa Chun-Wai Ngan